Paper Tubes

Paper Tube Packaging

Carefully crafted paper tubes come together for many applications.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Paper Tubes are a great environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic packaging


Although made from paper, our tubes are surprisingly durable and can withstand the weight of many products! We always recommend testing your product to ensure proper compatibility.


Paper Tubes can be completely customized for your brand; from colour, to paper finishing, to size, almost anything is possible!


Made from 100% paper, our tubes are completely recyclable across North America.

We manufacture creative paper tubes with an ID range of 1.50 to 5.00 inches / 40 to 126 mm.

Usable length is four to fifteen inches / 102 to 381 mm.

Finishing options include Kraft No Label, Standard Colours, Digital & Offset Printing.

Custom designed labels printed offset or digital.


Please contact us for Technical Data Sheets & Dielines.

One Piece


Three Piece


Mailing Tubes




More than ever, consumers are expecting brands to be more environmentally conscious and provide alternatives in the market to plastic use. Packaging plays a huge role in the retail industry and customers want to see less plastic on the shelves. Our paper tubes are an eco-friendly and eye-catching solution. With all of our customization options, paper tubes can be made and designed specifically to fit your brand image.

Wine & Spirits

With so many options of wine and spirits on the shelves, having innovative packaging will make your product stand out against the rest. With a beautiful and elegant presentation, consumers will be drawn to your product even before they get a taste of it! It also makes for a great gift to remember, even years later.

Special Occasions

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. These are all precious moments shared between loved ones. When looking for a gift, it must be as memorable as the day itself. A paper tube is perfect for any occasion, it will make the packaging of the gift as special as the gift itself!

Promotional Items

Does your company need to promote a special event? A limited edition launch? Promotional Marketing is all about brand awareness and transmitting your exciting new ideas to your target audience, which can be done in an innovative way using paper tube packaging.

Graduation Diplomas

Graduations are the ending of a chapter and the beginning of a new one! Diplomas encapsulates all the hard work and effort put into achieving it, it is a recognition of hard work and dedication. As something so special, it will be treasured and kept forever. A paper tube packaging is perfect for making sure it stays intact.


If you’re not sure about the right size, we can help to get the perfect tube to pack your products.

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