The amber glass euro dropper bottles is an ideal packaging solution for a range of products when browsing oil bottles.

The matching black caps also include orifice reducers that allow for controlled product dispensing of the amber glass essential oil bottles.  

The black tamper evident caps make it easy to determine if the products have been interfered before the product was purchased. 

Four Sizes To Choose:

  • 15 ml
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15 ml Amber Glass Bottle

Our 15ml EURO Amber Glass Bottle comes with a Child Resistant & Tamper Evident Cap. The cap includes an orifice reducer insert that controls the product a single drop at a time.

Bottle Style

Neck Finish

Tamper Evident

Cap Option
Continuos Thread

Cap Size

Cap Color 

Box Quantity
500 pieces

15ml Amber Glass Bottle


15ml Amber Glass Bottle

Custom Label Die Line

Design your own paper tube for this 15ml bottle here: 1.5" ID x 4.5


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