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What's the best size for my product?

Product sizes vary with all customers. You need to understand what the usable space is for each paper tube to determine the ideal fit. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help.

Details on the paper tubes we manufacture

Please navigate our website to learn more about our paper tubes. We can also produce tubes in any size, depending on the quantity you need and your unique branding requirements.

Are there size constraints for custom tubes?

To design beautiful retail ready paper tubes the wall thickness needs to be modest. Almost all the paper tubes we manufacture have an ID between 1.00 to 4.00 inches with usable space between 3.00 to 15.00 inches.

Can I use paper tubes for packaging any shape product?

Most likely yes. Let us have a discussion and review some pictures of your product.

What diameters do you offer?

We offer the following Paper Tubes diameters:

  • 1″ ID
  • 1.5″ ID
  • 2″ ID
  • 2.5″ ID
  • 3″ ID
  • 3.5″ ID
  • 4″ ID

How soon can I get my paper tubes?

Varies based on the order amount and client decisions on branding requirements. We will do whatever is possible to meet your timelines.

Do you have minimum order quantities?

MOQ depends on the project. Our minimum order quantity is 100 paper tubes.

What are your terms?

We use an online platform for payments and the majority of our sales are transacted this way. We can also receive payment via wire transfer.

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns for custom products.

Can I get a delivered price?

Yes, however, it depends on the area and volume. Stock and custom orders are based on area and volume, too.

Why Bongo?

Bongo Paper Tubes are the best tubes for your company:

  • Colours stocks go from standard to luxury.
  • Use your own design to create unique paper tubes.
  • Hand-checked, high-quality paper tubes manufacturer.
  • Made by Very Nice People in Canada.
  • Great customer service!


If you’re not sure about the right size, we can help to get the perfect tube to pack your products.

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