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Container 12oz

Diameter 3.370"
Height 4.44"
Capacity 12 oz
Diameter 85 mm
Height 112 mm
Capacity 354 ml
Custom Printing Available
Standard Color White
Case Pack 400
Food Grade Yes

Container 16 oz

Diameter 3.850"
Height 4.00"
Capacity 16 oz
Diameter 97.8 mm
Height 101.6 mm
Capacity 500 ml
Custom Printing Available
Standard Color White
Case Pack 400
Food Grade Yes

Container 32 oz

Diameter 4.620"
Height 5.22"
Capacity 32 oz
Diameter 117.34 mm
Height 132.59 mm
Capacity 500 ml
Custom Printing Available
Standard Color White
Case Pack 400
Food Grade Yes



When you think about baked goods, you think about warmth and comfort. Packaging must deliver that message as well. For many people, food is more than a necessity, it is about the emotion they associate with it. Knowing that when they take a bite from their favourite cookies or muffins, they will be transported back to their favourite bakery or even to their mom’s kitchen! Packaging is essential to maintain freshness, longevity, and an extended shelf life so that in time, that first bite will always taste the same, as if it is straight from the oven.

Snacks & Dry Food

In today's fast-paced society, snacks are essential for on the go. Whether it be a quick bite before work or an afternoon treat after a long day, consumers are looking for tastiness and convenience. Snacks and dry food packaging are a grab-and-go solution, offering durability and freshness. In such a competitive market, being able to stand out on the shelves is essential. With help from our creative team, we will make sure that your packaging is as amazing as the product that is in it!

Candy and Confectionary

Candy packaging is not as simple as it may look, with all different types of variations, it can be difficult to make a one-fits-all packaging. Shapes, sizes, ingredients, all play a role in determining what is the right packaging solution specifically for each type of candy. Working with a knowledgeable supplier will enable you to find the right fit, with all the modifications needed for your brand. We would not want your gummy candies to stick to the containers, or your delicate chocolates to move around too much and get crushed!

Pet Food Products

What is worse than reaching for a pack of dog treats, while your pet is waiting anxiously by your side, only to find the quality of the food decreased tremendously since the first time you opened it? The food isn’t the problem, it might actually be the packaging that it is in! Packaging can make the biggest difference in keeping pet’s foods lasting long and staying fresh (no pet complaints over here!). Pet owners are always looking for the best for their furry friends. Knowing that their pet’s food is packaged in a secure, tempered-free and protected container is very important. Our pet food containers are also smell proof, which is just the cherry on top! Together we can work on reducing plastic packaging and creating more sustainability in the pet food industry.

Coffee & Tea



If you’re not sure about the right size, we can help to get the perfect tube to pack your products.

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